Christian Bereavement Service

NV-EternityOne of the many privileges of being a web development is to connect with people from various industry. Recently was connected with a friend who is doing Christian Bereavement Service and he has been looking for people to update his old website which was written in ASP. Of course for a non-technical person, he was not able to get his website updated for the last 8 years. once again provide him a relief solution after 8 years of ‘long suffering’. Now as he helps other in the time of grieving, we’ve helped him transform his website or

From Oil & Gas to Cyberworld has just completed another project for a happy client. It was our first time handling a client from oil and gas industry. Though it was challenging for us to understand the field and communicate the message via the website. It was a great learning curve for us too. We are glad that we did not only manage to complete the site within the time frame, but we took pride in getting a full satisfaction from our client at the end.

You know it’s good when they come back for more!

I guess one of the best compliment for us is when our clients come back for more. Since we revamped a year ago in less than 24 hours as a personal favour. Finally they’ve decided to put in more effort to get the company website out to the world with relevant contents and impactful visuals. Just after one session of discussion over a cup of coffee, we’ve came out this piece of work for them. Do they like it? They simply love it.