Our Creations

Not everything that counts can be counted.

Money really isn’t everything. In gen1one.com, we believe in serving our clients regardless their status. There are clients who came to us for help simply because they know we care.

Sri Eden is a home for special children and we believe they do deserve the best from the society. From the little that we can contribute, we’ve help them to set up and hosted this website for free.

Fertilizer company on the web

More and more company realise having a website has become the essential of their daily business.Burberry Handbags Outlet,The North Face Down Jackets But to have a functional website at a reasonable cost is often the biggest challenge for many.

At gen1one.com, we want our clients to leave that to us and be amazed by how fast and how easy they can put their company on the web.

Union Harvest Sdn. Bhd. has finally made the decision to be one of our clients. The result is, they are happy about their website and we enjoyed working for them.

Apple™ Acceseries Supplier joined us too

cheap tiffany necklace,polo ralph laurenjpg” alt=”" width=”660″ height=”300″ />It has been an exciting 2010 for us here at gen1one. One of the greatest satisfaction is to end the year with a project from Asia Angle. Being able to provide them a solutions and fixing their problem without burning a hole in their pocket has always been our goal. asia-angle.com is now able to update their new products nearly instantly thanks to our user friendly interface. If you are facing a problem with your website, why don’t you just give us a call and see how we can serve you.